Gangways & Dock Ramps

    Aluminum Gangways are a passageway that permits access from land to dock. TechniDock Inc. specializes in the construction of aluminum gangways, offering premium aluminum ramps and gangways in Speculator NY. Our top notch gangways are made of marine grade aluminum, which provides a superior loading capacity, built to handle heavy loads for years to come. Our gangways are lightweight, durable and maintenance free. We offer an extensive selection of different gangways, as we work closely with our clients to create the perfect gangway for your dock. We also carry a collection of ADA Aluminum Gangways. Our ADA gangways have a maximum length of 80’ and are also maintenance free.


    Take advantage of TechniDock’s expertise by calling today to set an appointment. We have a range of different pricing options, varying on the specifications and needs of your gangway. By choosing TechniDock Inc., you are investing in the finest manufactured gangways on the market.

  • All gangways are totally maintenance free
  • All gangways are marine grade aluminum
  • All gangways offer superior loading capacity
  • Light weight gangway means less dock loading

ADA Gangways

Technidock manufactures a complete line of gangways and ramps which meet current ADA (American Disabilities Act) specifications.

Note: Please be aware the new ADA requirements allow a maximum gangway length of 80'.

  • ADA Ramps & Gangways are Totally Maintenance Free
  • ADA Ramps & Gangways are Marine Grade Aluminum
  • ADA Ramps & Gangways offer Superior Loading Capacity
  • Technidock will meet all current Disabilities Act requirements
  • Download our gangways catalog page (pdf)


Here are some links that provide more information about building docks to code.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act

International Code Council

National Fire Protection Association

Contact us for specifications, pricing and details.

Download either the Gangway or ADA Gangway order forms here.

Gangways Slope Chart

Gangways Slope Chart

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