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Technidock continues to show industry leadership. The following are examples of our commitment to grow and improve as a waterfront industry leader.

Quality Control
Technidock adresses quality control at all levels of production and delivery. Supplies and raw materials are continually inspected for conformance to both only indsutry standards and Technidock standards. Our extended warranties and factory warranties are the most repected in the industry.

Environmental Commitment
Technidock recognizes and participates in all programs which affect the environmental impact waterfront projects. Because of the site specific nature of marine construction, we strive to develop products and systems which reflect the best overall approach to our natural resources.

Freight Consolidation
As any dock builder knows price and price with freight charges can be the difference in a cost effective project. Technidock understands the most efficient delivery methods for dock construction, and has practices freight consolidation techniques for over twenty years.

Safety training is ongoing at Technidock facilities, and an emphasis on both safe installation techniques and emergency preparedness is included with all Technidock instructions. Manufacturing the highest quality ADA ramps and gangways in the marine industry is notice of our safety commitment.

Applied Waterfront Technologies
The Technidock byline " on the cutting edge of tomorrows technology". We continually reach out to other industries and manufacturers to explore improvemnts in material quality and new technologies.


October, 2005
Technidock introduces a complete line of ADA Gangways

August, 2004
Technidock is a founding member of the Marina Day KIDS event. Each year, on Marina Day, special community children are sponsored on boat trips. This is a cooperative event with local industry businesses, marina owners and non-profit organizations.

April, 1996
Technidock introduces manufacturing robotics to assembly lines.

April, 1995
Technidock first vdeo on "How to Build a Floating Dock" for residential and small dock construction.

October, 1993
Technidock introduces ARP modular dock systems. Marine grade aluminum frames with encased flotation and alternative decking materials -- designed specifically for light commercial and home owners -- in most cases the components ship at UPS rates.

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